The Ostia Barceloneta restaurant in Iceland

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Are you ready to enjoy the Easter holidays? In the Òstia Barceloneta restaurant we are preparing to serve you these holidays but recently we went on a trip to a wonderful country, Iceland. Not only to know the country, but also to show our traditional Catalan cuisine with one of its products, the cod.

Thanks to Bacalao de Islandia and Cervezas Damm, a group of restaurateurs from Barcelona, including the Òstia Barceloneta team, traveled to Iceland to cook and share recipes, both from our traditional Mediterranean cuisine and Vanguard recipes, with restaurateurs from the Reykjavik city.

Do you know that cod is not one of the main foods of Icelandic cuisine?

Although it is known all over the world, Icelandic cod is not regularly used in its traditional cuisine. It is true that they cook it fresh on the grill or on the grill, but it is not the most consumed fresh fish. Within its diet we find before the salmon or the river trout.

In addition, the less noble parts of cod much appreciated in our kitchen, such as the guts, are not used.

And because the three countries where it is most consumed are Portugal, Italy and Spain, it was a very enriching trip. For our part, we met a country very different from ours and, on the other hand, offer some of our recipes to Icelandic chefs.

Did you get hungry for cod?

Come to have lunch or dine at the Òstia Barceloneta restaurante and ask for our cod omelette, a classic in our menu.

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